The Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 Is The First Ever GOLD STANDARD Course & Software To Teach People How To Run High Impact & High-Profit Masterminds, Groups, Workshops & Communities!

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KBB-2Every 10 years or so a new mission comes around that completely redefines an industry and brings with it a fresh experience the masses fall in love with. Like the iPhone changed the way we look at cell phones and like the way Netflix has forever changed the way we watch television, promises to redefine what it means to share your knowledge and bring a much needed fresh experience to the education industry. An experience that will forever change the industry.

“This mission is something that holds a lot of meaning to both of us…  We’ve been training and educating people online and in-person for decades and we truly believe in the power of self-education… and is our way of going one step further to provide value and leave a lifelong legacy. And it all starts with the world-class course and software Knowledge Business Blueprint & Mindmint which has gotten over 20,000 entrepreneurs on their way to their next level in the last 6 months!

The course shows people how to systematically extract what they know.

The course gives people the proven marketing strategies to fill the seats, get paid, and do it over and over again.

The software is the implementation tool that creates their pages, funnels, agendas, emails and all else needed for success.

The software delivers people proven tools to confidently run their event without figuring it out all on your own.

We truly believe that no one should leave this planet with knowledge in their heads. We also truly believe that the current education system is failing. When we combine those two missions, we realize that people are ready to stop learning from professional teachers and learn from professional doers instead! That is where, Knowledge Business Blueprint and Mindmint come in…

Knowledge Broker Blueprint 2.0 Delivers The Perfect Combination Of Education & Software…

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint combined with the Mindmint Software will guide people through every step of creating and launching a successful and profitable mastermind. (Or, doing it for someone else and splitting the profits!)


KBB 2.0 is a Comprehensive Course – Personally filmed by Tony and Dean, this gold standard education walks people through the process of creating and launching a highly impactful and profitable mastermind.



Tony & Dean spent over $500,000 to build a world-class software (Implementation Tool) that takes away all the complexity of launching and running a mastermind. It’s going to blow customers minds!



Are you someone who already has a following and you’re curious how you create this thing called a “mastermind”? Come to our headquarters and we will help you extract your knowledge and put it to action!

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